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Re: find-alternate-file can't handle wildcards

From: Jari Aalto
Subject: Re: find-alternate-file can't handle wildcards
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 20:19:39 +0200
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Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:

| Make (find-alternate-file "/usr/share/doc/exim4-doc-*") handle wildcards
| just like dired! Currently: File not found and directory write-protected

It's not programmed to do any of that. See C-h f.

    find-alternate-file is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `files'.
    (find-alternate-file FILENAME)

    Find file FILENAME, select its buffer, kill previous buffer.
    If the current buffer now contains an empty file that you just visited
    (presumably by mistake), use this command to visit the file you really want.

C-x C-v is used to replace the _current_ file, not to replace current
file with multiple files.


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