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Re: ispell file-error "Setting current directory"

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: ispell file-error "Setting current directory"
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 09:44:13 -0700
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Dan Jacobson wrote:
> rms> Here's how check-ispell-version chooses the directory to use:
> rms>    (default-directory (or (and (boundp 'temporary-file-directory)
> rms>                                temporary-file-directory)
> rms>                           default-directory))
> rms> Please examine those variables and see what directory it chooses and
> rms> why.
> It happened again today.  Had to start a new emacs as replying to mail
> was blocked by it.  It must be a complex interaction between
> ispell, gnus, ffap, (and ange-ftp? (which I never use)).
> In all buffers concerned, the variables you mentioned are $HOME or
> /tmp, i.e., OK.

That can't be.

>  All I know is
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "Setting current directory"
> "no such file or directory" "/home/jidanni/http:/www.geocities.com/jidanni/")
>   call-process("ispell" nil t nil "-vv")
>   check-ispell-version()

In the *Backtrace* buffer, point should be at the beginning of the
call-process() line.  Move to the check-ispell-version() line, and
please report what these commands display:

e (current-buffer) RET
e default-directory RET
e temporary-file-directory RET

>   ispell-init-process()
>   ispell-buffer-local-words()
>   ispell-accept-buffer-local-defs()
>   flyspell-accept-buffer-local-defs()
>   flyspell-mode-on()
>   flyspell-mode(1)
> #[nil "address@hidden address@hidden address@hidden" [buffer-read-only turn-on-auto-fill 88888 buffer-size flyspell-mode 1] 2]()
>   run-hooks(text-mode-hook)
>   text-mode()
>   pop-to-buffer("*wide reply to Johnny Lin*<4>")
>   message-pop-to-buffer("*wide reply to Johnny Lin*<4>")
>   message-reply(nil t)
>   gnus-summary-reply((13503) t)
>   gnus-summary-reply-with-original(nil t)
>   gnus-summary-wide-reply-with-original(nil)
>   call-interactively(gnus-summary-wide-reply-with-original)
> The geocities  buffer was created by a typo minutes earlier. I had
> immediately killed it after it appeared.
> emacs-version"21.3.1"

Kevin Rodgers

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