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ange-ftp failures

From: Dave Love
Subject: ange-ftp failures
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:44:13 +0000
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ange-ftp doesn't like the way the Heimdal 0.6.3 Kerberized ftp client
works.  (I'm using it from Debian testing.)  In both the released and
development version it gives:

  ange-ftp-error: FTP Error: OPEN request failed: open ftp.gnu.org

A normal session looks like this, where I think it's the GSSAPI
messages which are the problem:

  $ ftp ftp.gnu.org
  Connected to gnudist.gnu.org.
  220 GNU FTP server ready.
  Trying GSSAPI...
  The server doesn't support the FTP security extensions.

  *** Using plaintext user and password ***

  Name (ftp.gnu.org:fx): ftp
  230-Due to U.S. Export Regulations, all cryptographic software on this
  230-site is subject to the following legal notice:
  230-    This site includes publicly available encryption source code
  230-    which, together with object code resulting from the compiling of
  230-    publicly available source code, may be exported from the United
  230-    States under License Exception "TSU" pursuant to 15 C.F.R. Section
  230-    740.13(e).
  230-This legal notice applies to cryptographic software only. Please see
  230-the Bureau of Industry and Security (www.bxa.doc.gov) for more
  230-information about current U.S. regulations.
  230 Login successful.
  500 Unknown command.
  ftp: Login failed.
  Remote system type is UNIX.
  Using binary mode to transfer files.

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