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Re: Numeric Prefix on File Name, Source Specials, Previews

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: Numeric Prefix on File Name, Source Specials, Previews
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:53:25 +0100
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* George R. Wilkens (2004-12-15) writes:

> I have a LaTeX file whose name is "141ICSExamFinal.tex". With the
> "Command -> TeXing Options -> Source Specials" turned off, I can
> "latex" and "xdvi" the file without any problems. When I turn the
> "Source Specials" on, something odd happens. Typing "\C-C\C-C" runs
> the file through latex as it should. When I next type "\C-C\C-C" I am
> prompted for an "xdvi" command. When I hit return, xdvi launches, but
> reports an error:
>   No references to source file "ICSExamFinal.tex" in dvi file
> Notice that the numeric prefix "141" is missing from the file name. I
> do not know whether this is a bug with AUCTeX, xdvi, or me (perhaps it
> is known that one should not use file names that begin with a numeric).
> Regardless, I thought that I would pass this information along in case
> it might be useful.

Thanks for the report.  It is fixed in AUCTeX's CVS repository,
i.e. the next release will not exhibit this problem.

The problem is an incorrect syntax for the value of the
-sourceposition option passed to xdvi.  If you are in need of a fix
right now you can do `M-x customize-variable RET
TeX-source-specials-view-position-flags RET' and change the value to
`-sourceposition "%n %b"'.

A hint: If you have problems with AUCTeX, please report it on the
AUCTeX mailing list.  I found this message only by coincidence.


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