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Bug with find-file-existing-other-name option

From: Richard Skinner
Subject: Bug with find-file-existing-other-name option
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:51:00 +0000

When this option is turned on it mis-identifies files which have the
same content/size/timestamp/flags as the 'same' file. I am using a build
system which exports build header files using 'cp' to another directory.
When gcc reports an error in an exported header and I use emacs to goto
that error point the exported header is opened as expected. Attempting
to then open the actual source header so that it can be edited causes
emacs to claim that the two files are the same and it refuses to open
the proper file.
These two files are clearly not the same file - they are stored on
separate inodes and are not links of any sort. 
Turning find-file-existing-other-name off stops this behaviour but then
loses the desirable behaviour of preventing the same file accessed by 2
different paths being opened twice.

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