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Bug Micro-cap Stock Trading Idea For You

From: Fifes U. Duels
Subject: Bug Micro-cap Stock Trading Idea For You
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 23:18:39 +0100

Huge promotion is going out right now to over 400 million people promoting
Stock Ticker Symbol OTCBB: CSYT

Huge Trading Days January 6th - 7th. Close to 10 Million Traded!

Monday is going to be a HUGE day! Get in EARLY Monday Morning To See
Huge Gains!

Imagine how well you would have done if you knew about the following stocks
we recently promoted..

OTCBB:LENF Exploded from .75 on September 1st to $6.28 October 14th. Up over


OTCBB:AZGS: Closed at .50 on September 1st. This bad boy closed at $2.00 on
October 7th, Up 300%!

These are HUGE gains. Get in now and watch this one skyrocket!!


Stock Price: $0.04 Per Share

Look it up at your favorite stock website.
Thanks for your time,

Don't bite the hand that feeds you. . It's either all or nothing./li> . 
Innocent as a new born babe. .
All aren't hunters that blow the horn. . One mans junk is another man's 
treasure. . You can't put an old head on young shoulders. .

The early bird catches the worm. . Let the buyer beware. . Small faults 
indulged let in greater. .

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