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From: Kishor Aggarrwal
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:35:23 +0530

Action Report On News Published
Bio Data / Curriculum Vitae of the some of The Corrupt Heads of Indian Nationalized Banks
India is having population of more than One Billion. India is the biggest democratic Country in the world. India's economy is seems to be sound. India's GDP is also improving. Share Market is also booming day by day.Foreign Direct Investments are increasing too. But we should also see the other side of the Coin also.

The Credentials of some of the Heads of these Nationalized Banks are as follows.

Punjab National Bank

Mr. S S Kohli, the Chairman Cum Managing Director of Punjab National Bank sanctioned and disbursed more than Rs. 30 Crores to an absconder, a Member of Parliament of Bhartiya Janta Party, Mr. Kanak Sinh Mangrola, MP of BJP could get loan on fictitious bills. During Police interrogation, he confessed of paying bribe to the Chairman Cum Managing Director of Punjab National Bank. Crores of Rupees have been sanctioned and disbursed to such cheaters and all accounts are either become NPA or will be soon.

Andhra Bank

Mr. Naraysami, the Chairman Cum Managing Director of Andhra Bank, sanctioned and disbursed crores of Rupees to fictitious Exporters. The case was registered by the Prime Investigative Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, India and some of the officials have been arrested and suspended. During interrogation, they had confessed of involvement of Mr. Naryansami, the Chairman Cum Managing Director of Andhra Bank. Mr. Narayansami had paid crores of Rupees to officers of Finance Ministry and BJP leaders and hence is scot free, busy in more corruption and threatening this new channel every day. Mr. Naraynsami had sanctioned crores of Rupees to the cheaters, the money of which will never be returned back.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda tried to finance Terrorist Groups involving India, Pakistan, UK, Pakistan, USA and Kuwait. Bank of Baroda's officers counter confirmed the Bank Guarantees of more than U.S. $ 80 millions on forge bills. Mr. P S Shinoy as Chairman cum Managing Director shielded the corrupt officers.

Bank of Baroda sanctioned Crores of Rupees to more than 100 numbers of fictitious, 100% Export Oriented Units. Central Excise and Customs Department of Government of India have arrested most of the owners of these units. Customs department have already issued crores of Rupees show cause notices to these units. The efficient finance minister of India had already suspended 46 officials of Central Excise and Customs. But Mr. P S Shinoy, as The Chairman Cum Managing Director of Bank is promoting these corrupt officials. On the top of them are Mr. Vaidanathan and Mr. Prabhu, their most trusted lieutenants in this corrupt scandal.

Unit Trust of India

Mr. M Damodaran, as Chief of Unit Trust of India and all its subsidiaries sold State Emblem of India for mere Rs. One Lac. (U.S. $ 2000.00), Unit Trust of India had made losses of more than Rs. 10,000 Crores at a time when BJP was in power. There was a large scale corruption in Corruption in UTI and thus UTI had to made losses of more than Rs. 10,000.00. This Unit Trust of India made corruption in printing of PAN cards. Mr. R Damodaran promoted the officials responsible for such large scale corruption. Congress Government could show power and now UTI is relieved from M Damodaran. But no corrupt official have been punished till date. Mr. Damaodarn is still the chief of IDBI and any body can guess the fate of IDBI, another prime Bank of India having multiple objects in Indian economy.

Vijaya Bank

In day Light robbery, Mr. M S Kapoor, the Chairman Cum Managing Director of Vijaya Bank could manage to steal his file from Banking Vigilance Department. There were serious corruptions allegations against him and the enquiry was in the last stages. Only one or two officials were transferred from Banking Vigilance Department and the enquiry have been kept under abeyance with the orders of some higher authorities.

Central Bank of India

During Office Hours, from the office of Under Secretary, Mr. Dalbir Singh , Chairman Cum Managing Director of Central Bank took away his secret Vigilance file. This file was of highly confidential nature and enquiries were in the last stage about serious corruption charges against him. Indian Government has taken no action. Mr. Dalbir Singh was also the Chairman of Indian Bank Association. Under the umbrella of Indian Bank Association, all Indian banks work.

All what is written above is based on documentation available in Indian Government Files.

Does it sound good ? Please write your views.

More revelations will come in coming editions if these Bank Officials and their friends sitting at Top positions allow us to do so …

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Most Corrupt Telephone Nigam Limited, M T N L, India's Leading and One of The Asia's Largest Telecom Operating Company
MTNL was setup on Ist April 1986 by The Government of India to upgrade the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and to raise revenue for telecom development needs of India's key metros- Delhi, The Political and Mumbai,The Economic Capital of India.

In the past 17 years, The Company has taken rapid strides to emerge as India's leading and One of Asia's Largest telecom operating companies, Besides having a strong financial base, MTNL has achieved a market share of approximately 13% of the Indian Telecommunication network with a customer base of over 4.98 million lines.

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. is Maha Corrupt Telephone Nigam Limited. All what M T N L claims is not true.

Mahangar Telephone Nigam Ltd. is charging excess amount in monthly bills of their subscribers. Once excess bill is received, the customers have to run from pillar to post to get the bill rectified. You will not find even a single officer who is interested to satisfy the customers and order for refunds. The Refunds are made to those who are influential either by money or by power. There are 1000 cases in M T N L alone where such excess amounts have been charged for no fault of their customers.

Maha Corrupt Nigam Ltd. has given mobile connection to all his officers for improvement of sales and service. But the Officers who are directly responsible for M T N L will never pick up the mobile from an unknown number. How to get the service from such officers? Chief General Manger, General Manger, Deputy General Manger every body has been given Mobile. The Chairman should check the usage the mobiles of his own officers. The details of the bills will reveal the true story. The Mobiles facilities given by M T N L for their staff for their personal use uses public service We ourselves have tried all the mobiles nos. but not even a single officer responded. Even SMS sent to them remain unreplied.

Maha Corrupt Telephone Nigam Limited claims that their accounts are fully computerized. But these computerized bills have hundreds of errors that can only be rectified either with Money Power or V I P Power.

The computerized Department of Maha Corrupt Telephone Nigam Limited is issuing refund cheques to customers, who do not have telephone connections. The Chief General Manager is always busy in decorating his own office. He is busy in spending lacs for interior decoration of his office. The Chief General Manager does not know A-B-C of I-T. What types of efficiency do Mr. Sinha, The Chairman Cum Managing Director expects from his C G M of Delhi, the Political Capital.

Is it not a fit case to be registered against M T N L under section 420?

More revelations in Coming Editions………

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Cases against Senior Government Officers of Government of India
This is the 10th Edition of disclosing cases against Senior Government Officers of Government of India.

A Case Vide PE 1 (A) / 2004 bbsr / acu - iii dated 07/01/2004 was registered against Mr. R K Nayak, IAS, The Then Managing Director (Retired) Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED).

It is alleged that during 1994-1996, TRIFED entered into several Memorandum of Undertakings with different companies of Mr. J P Lath for procurement of Sai Seeds in violation of laid down rules and allowed undue concession to the companies resulting in huge losses to TRIFED.

The status of the case is pending under Enquiry.

More Revelations in Coming Editions....

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