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From: jeffbrown
Subject: GOOD DAY!!!
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:59:50 +0100

Dear Friend,
Pardon me if I have offended you by contacting you for such a big transaction 
through an ordinary letter which makes it suspicious considering the type of 
fraud proposals moving around the world today. However, I was advised to 
explain this transaction to you on a face to face meeting. I could not do this 
because of the situation in the world today not being sure of your reaction.

I am Jeff Brown, a Consultant and Broker from Kingston Jamaica. I was hired by 
a Japanese Businessman to broke an investment deal between him and  an oil 
company in Venezuela. This deal was executed in January, 1997 and matured for 
termination in January 2001. On maturity, the Japanese Businessman and the oil 
firm decided to terminate the investment in cash to avoid payment of investment 
tax which amounted to several tens of millions of US Dollars to the American 
Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A special arrangement was made between a top 
Japanese banker working with Japanese bank in New York, the Oil company and the 
businessman to terminate the investment in cash payment under a fictitious 
name, with an arrangement to change it later with a power of attorney which 
they prepared and handed over to the banker. I was directly involved, well paid 
and mandated to organized and carry out the deal. All the cash was withdrawn in 
August 2001 and transported to Europe by direct bank vault delivery to a 
private diplomatic storage in Europe for safekeeping pending the collection. 
The real content of the boxes was not declared to the storage as it was 
delivered as personal family treasure and diamonds.

The codes for the storage, secret codes for the opening of the boxes and its 
keys were all handed over to me. Mr. Takashi the New York businessman was 
planning to go to Europe by mid November 2001 with me for the collection when 
the unexpected happened in Sept 9/11 attacks on the twin tower which claimed 
his life and that of the top banker. This left me devastated and confused as I 
have not yet handed over the deposit details to the owner and the power of 
attorney prepared for the change which was signed was still with the banker in 
his office which was lost. It was agreed with the storage that the consignment 
would be collected on or before 12 months from the date of delivery. Since last 
December, the diplomatic storage manager has been calling me to bring or tell 
the owner to come over for collection. Since then, I have been finding any 
reliable person  to collect these consignments under special and well 
negotiated arrangement until I came across your details.

Be rest assured that this transaction has been well organised, 100% safe, 
legal, risk free and should be kept very confidential.
signify your interest by contacting me via my private email:address@hidden
Best Regards

Mr Jeff Brown.

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