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Invitation to join from Cris

From: OverCampus . com
Subject: Invitation to join from Cris
Date: 11 Feb 2005 02:13:07 -0000

Cris invites you to join his (her) network of personal friends at OverCampus.

Once you join OverCampus, you can communicate with Cris's friends and invite your own friends to join. Use OverCampus to:

  • Find old friends
    With a quick search, you can find lost friends, high school buddies, cousins, college roommates, and camp friends. Or just browse their page and see what they're
    up to.

  • Share similar interests
    You can find people who share similar interests with you. And discover new interests through the people you already know.

  • Find someone interesting
    Your friends probably have some interesting friends you haven't met yet. You can see their pictures and read about them. Send them a message - for yourself or to
    introduce a friend - it's your choice.
    OverCampus is an online service that connects you through your friends to the people and things that are important to you. By joining OverCampus, you will automatically be connected to Cris and all of Cris's friends. Plus, you can build your own personal community by inviting other friends.

    To check it out, click the Web link below. (If this link doesn't work, copy it into your browser.)


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