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dired interface to gpg

From: Luedde, Mirko
Subject: dired interface to gpg
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:13:28 +0100

dear gnu team!

some time ago i sent you a primitive first attempt at providing an
interface between dired and gpg. meanwhile i somewhat improved it.

there is now the possibility for crypting files (encrypt/decrypt) as
well as validating them (sign/verify) and a first approximation to
customization.  everything is provided in a separate library
`dired-gpg' that you will find attached.

if you have any suggestions (or if you find my mails annoying !-), let
me know.

btw, the following features in gpg 1.4.0 appear inconvenient to me:

* the `--verify' option can be combined with `--output', but the
  latter has no effect. 

* the `--decrypt' option can be applied to signed but unencrypted
  files and strips the signature from the file. however, if the file
  is corrupted, gpg will not notice that the signature does not match
  the content.

regards, mirko. 

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