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Re: Emacs: a 21st century text-editor

From: Ulrich Hobelmann
Subject: Re: Emacs: a 21st century text-editor
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:42:42 -0600
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Christopher G D Tipper wrote:
1 Text-wrapping. Text wrapping is a limitation, and it would be nice
  to scroll past the edge of the screen. This is particularly acute in
  my case editing XSLT scripts where line-breaks become a
  presentational issue. Sometimes I actually need to compose documents
  with 250 columns, and I don't appreciate emacs telling me otherwise.

Do you mean that you want a horizontal scrollbar, or are you just (like me) annoyed by those arrows left and right when a line is long?

BTW, emacs people: take a look at how Apple TextEdit handles long lines; that's more like in a word processor, but if you type up or down, you move in screen lines, even though it's just one line in the file.

3 Tabbed buffers. Open buffers should be easily visible in a tabbed
  layout below the menu, in the manner of XEmacs. A proper history
  list would help here so that documents are persistent across

That would be nice. Having everything mostly available in a text buffer is somewhat antiquated. Similarly something like Cmd-left/right (or Ctrl-left on Windows/Linux) would be nice for switching between Tabs.

4 File Dialogs. I use dlgopen.el on Windows, which gets rid of the
  most serious interface issue of all, the lack of modern file
  dialogs. It wouldn't be rocket-science to adapt the interface to
  support this. XEmacs file dialogs are unusable IMHO.

I use drag-and-drop to put files into emacs sometimes (on the Mac), but having it recognize standard open/close keymappings would be nice too, as would be dialogs.

5 Paste replaces edit. This idea that when I paste I end up with both
  the replacement text and the old text does not belong in the modern
  idiom. This is a real versioning issue when the replacement text
  scrolls past the bottom of the screen. I think this is just an
  old-fashioned feature that never got updated.

And make mark and backspace delete the marked text.

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