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Re: Emacs make errors on HP/UX

From: Ulrich Hobelmann
Subject: Re: Emacs make errors on HP/UX
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:58:57 -0600
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Lozano, Marcus wrote:

My name is Marcus Lozano. I am fairly new to HP/UX and I am trying to build
emacs on a machine running HP/UX 11.00

Is that a super-old version of HP/UX?

        cc -c  -Demacs -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -I. -I/local0/emacs-21.3/src
-I/usr/include/X11R6 -I/usr/include/X11R5 -I/usr/include/Motif1.2
-I/usr/contrib/X11R6/include -I/usr/contrib/X11R5/include -g sysdep.c
(Bundled) cc: warning 480: The -g option is available only with the C/ANSI C
product; ignored.
(Bundled) cc: "sysdep.c", line 2807: error 1000: Unexpected symbol:

This might mean that the system is missing some header file that would define signal_handler_t. A grep on my Mac's /usr/include doesn't find such a definition either, though. No idea where it's supposed to come from.

(Bundled) cc: "sysdep.c", line 2807: error 1705: Function prototypes are an
ANSI feature.

This sounds like the emacs code uses function prototypes (you bet) and the compiler is pre-ANSI... Maybe you need a newer compiler.

The rest are probably errors resulting from the above.

Have you looked at the cc manpage ("man 1 cc", I guess) if it says anything about ANSI? Otherwise you might want to get gcc.


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