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incompatibility between partial-completion-mode and MH-E

From: Olivier Lecarme
Subject: incompatibility between partial-completion-mode and MH-E
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:31:57 +0100

I recently discovered the following problem:

In MH-E, completion can be used on folder and sub-folder names, for
example F v Fr TAB Wi RET in order to go to folder +Friends/William.

This does not work if partial-completion-mode is activated: with the
same key sequence, I get +William, which is erroneous. The first-level
folder name is erased. Disabling partial-completion-mode does not change
anything. Adding / to PC-word-delimiters does not work either, probably
because / is a special character for completion.

I cannot tell whether the bug is the responsibility of the "complete"
package or of MH-E, but in my opinion it is clearly a bug, not a


                        Olivier Lecarme

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