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Re: save-buffers documentation

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: save-buffers documentation
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:18:28 -0700
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Aaron Hawley wrote:
> When visiting the `save-buffer' help screen, I found the first section
> of the function's documentation string to be confusing.  Below is a
> patch against CVS that offers some rough suggestions.  The existing
> documentation in its current state (in my version of Emacs) is below
> the patch.
> -With 1 \\[universal-argument], marks this version
> +Combined with one \\[universal-argument], marks this version
>   to become a backup when the next save is done.
> -With 2 \\[universal-argument]'s,
> +Combined with two \\[universal-argument]'s,
>   unconditionally makes the previous version into a backup file.
> -With 3 \\[universal-argument]'s, marks this version
> +Combined with three \\[universal-argument]'s, marks this version

I think "Prefixed by" or "Prefixed with" would be more accurate than
"Combined with", and are consistent with the "prefix arg" terminology
used in Emacs.

Kevin Rodgers

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