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"consider M-x recover-file" too important to just flash

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: "consider M-x recover-file" too important to just flash
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 03:04:35 +0800

You can't just flash
  index.html has auto save data; consider M-x recover-file
in the minibuffer for one second and expect people to see it.

No, two seconds, three seconds, etc. no good either.  We might have
been answering the telephone.

Therefore you need to hit us over the head with a message that needs a
yes or no.  Like "... Do you understand, Holmes? (yes or no)".

In firefox this is run of the mill: the "OK?" box that doesn't go away
unless you click it.  Odd, I don't recall encountering those "got
that, Holmes?" one-choice interactive messages in emacs.

Hmmm, no wonder. There are always some choices to give. Here we would
probably want to give choices like 'yes' to recover-file, 'no' to get
the file without recovering, and 'quit' to not do anything at all.

emacs-version "21.3.1"

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