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RE: Delete Auto Save Files doesn't always work

From: Bielawski, Richard G.
Subject: RE: Delete Auto Save Files doesn't always work
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:16:54 -0800

> > After opening a remote file using ange-ftp make a change 
> and wait for 
> > an auto-save to take place.  Then kill Emacs.  When it asks to save
> > the buffer first, answer No.  As documented, the auto-save 
> file is NOT 
> > deleted.  So far so good.
> >
> > Now restart Emacs and open the same file.  Note the warning about 
> > auto-save data.  Again, good.  Ignore it, make a change and 
> wait for 
> > the file to auto-save.  Now save your change and close the file.
> > The auto-save file is NOT deleted and never will be hereafter.
> > The problem this causes is, because our host is dumb and 
> can't respond
> > to MDTM, every time the file is open a warning occurs
> > your_file.src has auto save data; consider M-x recover-this-file
> I don't believe that it is because of mdtm. In my case, the FTP server
> understands it, but I have the same behaviour.
> What is your value of `ange-ftp-auto-save' (I guess 0)? Does it help
> to change it to 1?
You are correct.  It was 0.  If I change to 1 it will only delete 
the backup file if auto-save happens first.  IOW if the auto-save 
file exists and I make a change to my file (without recovering) and 
save the change before an auto-save happens then the obsolete 
auto-save file is not purged.  If I wait for an auto-save before 
saving manually then the auto-save file is cleaned up.

> But if my guess is right, you shouldn't have an autosave file 
> at all...

Now that you point it out ... this is true.  But I think that having
auto-save ON by default is quite a good thing.
> Best regards, Michael.

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