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Re: Unicode feature requests for next version

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Unicode feature requests for next version
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 09:38:59 +0300
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> Would it be possible to get a hotkey bound to ucs-insert?
> I'm thinking C-# would be a good candidate.

I have a patch that allows C-q (`quoted-insert') to read Unicode codes
and insert them using `ucs-insert' function.  The usage is very simple,
it uses the same format as printed by `C-u C-x =' (i.e. the prefix `U'),
so `C-q' followed by `U' will insert the Unicode character:

    C-q U42e RET

I can't submit the patch now due to the feature freeze.  I will hold
it until the next release.  I've also implemented more formats to
simplify input of characters in different radix without the need
to change the value of `read-quoted-char-radix'.  The following
formats are supported:

octal:   C-q 01212116 RET
decimal: C-q d332878 RET
hex:     C-q x5144e RET

> Also, It would be nice if the information you get from M-x
> describe-char-after would display the Unicode code point in hex.
> Perhaps even the info from C-u C-x = (or a Unicode equivalent
> suitably easily located).

Are you talking about CVS Emacs or a released version?

In CVS, `describe-char-after' is renamed to `describe-char' (bound
to `C-u C-x =') and it displays the Unicode character code in hex.

> One more thing, if I am in a UTF-8 language environment, then cutting 
> and pasting from other X apps should really try to find a codepoint from 
> Unicode to insert, rather than some other mule character set.  Right 
> now, eg if I cut and paste from Firefox I tend to get iso-2202-jp (IIRC) 
> double-width characters when I paste in some unicode characters.
> Perhaps these things have been solved already in CVS emacs?

In CVS Emacs I get correct Unicode characters copied from Firefox.

Juri Linkov

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