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Emacs Battery mode cannot use iBook

From: Sam Lauber
Subject: Emacs Battery mode cannot use iBook
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 03:35:26 +0100

I have a iBook G4 w/ Mac OS X.  I installed the Carbon Emacs from June '05.  
But the Battery mode does not know about the Mac OS X programs for
battery status, so it dosen't know the battery status for the laptop when
the system provides this information already.  

Samuel Lauber

P.S.  The battery information can be found by calling the program `pmset
-g ps'; it outputs information in the following format:

  Currenty drawing from 'POWER_SRC Power'
   -InternalBattery-0     XX%; STATUS; ESTIMATE

where `POWER_SRC' is either AC or Battery.  XX is the percentage of charge.  
(N.B.  It is never 100%; the highest value that my iBook will give is 99%).  
STATUS is either `AC attached' (power adapter plugged in and battery fully
charged), `discharging' (running off battery power and taking power out of
the battery), or `charging' (charging up).  If the battery is out, the entire
`XX%; STATUS...' line is replated with `(removed)'.  Note that the first
line has a typo.  It might get fixed, so don't rely on it.  

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