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How early do YOU want to be?

From: markgross4agel
Subject: How early do YOU want to be?
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:26:21 GMT


I am working with a highly successful team of people in 12 GLOBAL countries
and together we are building a huge international business! Something I
think would be of special interest to you.

Agel Enterprises …

One Simple Idea.
One Huge Opportunity.
One Time To Be First.

This is the official start for the next MEGA global business that will
change the way we earn and operate daily ... with ZERO competition.
Agel Enterprises officially launched in May and is backed by Ash Capital, a
private-equity venture investment company, focusing on growth companies that
offer unique product lines in the manufacturing and hi-tech market segments.
The funding is secure and substantial. This will be one of the biggest
company launches in the history of Network Marketing!
Agel is not a copy, Agel is an innovator. This could be the most important
and most defining moment in your life and business career.
Click here: http://www.my-agel.com/audio/AgelDavidChrisIntrogetbackwith.mp3

The Global Market: Agel is open in 12 countries: the USA, Canada, Israel,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri
Lanka, Malaysia, and Japan … and is trademarked in 42 others. THIS IS A
"How Early Do YOU Want To Be?"

The Products: The Agel product technology brings to market an entirely new
category of products, NEVER before seen - GelceuticalsTM. These delicious
Gelceuticals come in individual foil packets that you squirt into your
mouth. The nutrients are "suspended" in this gel. This allows for faster and
better absorption results than conventional capsules, tablets, liquids and
powders. And, each product tastes GREAT!  ... one tastes like starfruit with
a citrus twist ... another  is berry delicious ... the third has a berry
punch to it ... and the forth is a delicious lemon meringue flavor!!

Never before has such a convenient method been available for consuming
nutritional products. Consider these factors:
•       No water needed (as with tablets and capsules)
•       Exotic juice benefits without the big bottle (no glass and water weight)
•       Single serving packages (imagine the sampling capabilities)
•       Perfect for those with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules
•       Faster and more efficient delivery to the body
Marketing & Compensation Plan: After you have reviewed the link below, and
begin to understand the Agel Compensation Plan ... YOU WILL LOSE SLEEP like
I have over the vast opportunities with this revolutionary way to build your
business and make money!

Moments like this one seldom come along!

So ask yourself ... "How Early Do YOU Want To Be?"
 Opportunities are never lost ... just seized by other people.
...  Now please review the following link to the business presentation about
Click here: http://www.howearly.com/videos_opp.php?d=

And please let me know the best time to reach you.

Best regards,

Mark Gross
One paragraph can change an industry.

Our best mission statements are found in our actions. A company can engage
its customers. Culture is built one idea at a time. Wellness is a lifestyle.
Grassroots has nothing to do with lawn care. Independence is not solitude.
Our lives will never be the same.

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