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Re: dired-do-kill-lines: no undo

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: dired-do-kill-lines: no undo
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 15:09:21 -0600
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Dan Jacobson wrote:
> dired-do-kill-lines should mention in its docstring how to yank them
> back or otherwise recover in any way from mistaken typing of this
> command short of (find-alternate-file ".").

The same way as in any other buffer:

| C-x u runs the command dired-undo
|    which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `dired'.
| (dired-undo)
| Undo in a dired buffer.
| This doesn't recover lost files, it just undoes changes in the buffer itself.
| You can use it to recover marks, killed lines or subdirs.
| In the latter case, you have to do M-x dired-build-subdir-alist to
| parse the buffer again.

| g runs the command revert-buffer
|    which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `files'.
| (revert-buffer &optional IGNORE-AUTO NOCONFIRM PRESERVE-MODES)
| Replace current buffer text with the text of the visited file on disk.
| This undoes all changes since the file was visited or saved.
| With a prefix argument, offer to revert from latest auto-save file, if
| that is more recent than the visited file.
| This command also works for special buffers that contain text which
| doesn't come from a file, but reflects some other data base instead:
| for example, Dired buffers and buffer-list buffers.  In these cases,
| it reconstructs the buffer contents from the appropriate data base.
| When called from Lisp, the first argument is IGNORE-AUTO; only offer
| to revert from the auto-save file when this is nil.  Note that the
| sense of this argument is the reverse of the prefix argument, for the
| sake of backward compatibility.  IGNORE-AUTO is optional, defaulting
| to nil.
| Optional second argument NOCONFIRM means don't ask for confirmation at
| all.  (The local variable `revert-without-query', if non-nil, prevents
| confirmation.)
| Optional third argument PRESERVE-MODES non-nil means don't alter
| the files modes.  Normally we reinitialize them using `normal-mode'.
| If the value of `revert-buffer-function' is non-nil, it is called to
| do all the work for this command.  Otherwise, the hooks
| `before-revert-hook' and `after-revert-hook' are run at the beginning
| and the end, and if `revert-buffer-insert-file-contents-function' is
| non-nil, it is called instead of rereading visited file contents.

> P.S., by the way, (find-alternate-file ".") does nothing if already
> looking at ".", a problem that has existed from the earliest days.

I think that could be solved (and the same problem for `C-x C-v RET') by
having dired-noselect call dired-revert when dired-noselect was called
by find-alternate-file.

Kevin Rodgers

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