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From: Owens Darren
Subject: perusal
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 18:49:33 -0800

Hello  ,

I am a registered financial security agent of the FSA
(Financial Services Authority) in the UK; the FSA is
attached to the Department of Treasury.
I have been in charge of a particular dormant/suspense
account with a balance of US$12.5 million (Twelve Million,
Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), which no one
from my proficient examination, using the extensive data
protection database, has laid claims to. This account has
been dormant since 1999 and the department has been
changing custodians of the funds for the last 3 (three)
years, without a claimant.
At this stage, I need a very reliable and responsible
dealing minded person who would assist me in the claims of
the funds, so that it would not be reverted to the British
and European Authorities. I will initiate a systematic
transfer of the said funds into an account opened in your
name or company's, whichever you find to be most
I will need your response, in order to grant you access to
the detailed facts and figures to this account. I have been
able to contact you; based on information retrieved from
the credit reference database attached to my institution. I
will be most willing to go into partnership with you to see
this task completed within a limited time frame. I assure
you there would be no risk to your name or personality.
But, you would be required to open an account here and the
institution will guide accordingly. I hope you understand
why I can't disclose exclusive data at this stage. Do
kindly send your return email to this particular email
address:address@hidden; upon this, I will be
able to
send you more details regarding this deal. If I do not hear
from you in the next few days I would take for granted you
are not interested.
It will be a good thing if you could provide a phone number
to reach you. I look forward to an excellent business
relationship with you
My regards,
Darren Owens.


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