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Track & Value 500, 000 Money Manager Transactions, find undervaluations

From: John Tzortzis
Subject: Track & Value 500, 000 Money Manager Transactions, find undervaluations
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 21:05 -0700

We value 500,000 Money Manager Transactions quarterly,
40000 insider trades monthly, and find undervaluations.
You can see Valuation & Credit Profiles - P/FreeCashFlow,
PE, 150+ ratios - Discounted Free Cash flow valuations,
for every buy-sell transaction, for 3000 Managers.
Sample: http://www.prosbuy.com/html/arep9b.htm

You can investigate money manager fund flows, strategy, risks.
Compare what Money Managers do, "Valuate" their strategies.
See average holding's PE, P/BV, ROE, 90+ ratios, for each
manager, for up to 20 quarters in one window.
Sample:   http://www.prosbuy.com/html/arep1_amstyle.htm

Get your own personal Financial Analyst perform in depth 
financial valuations and credit risk analysis for 7500 companies.

You can logon as demo user "win126", password "win126".


John Tzortzis

310-967 8103



PS: Monitor & compare Money Manager strategies, risks, fund flows.

1140 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

opt out email: http://www.prosbuy.com/html/optout.html 

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