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From: Norman Kenneth
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 02:39:45 +0300

Dear Confidant,

Hope you are doing great and sound? I am Dr. Norman Kenneth de Andrade Barrister at law and attorney to late Goethem Haemer, a Greek Merchant otherwise known as my client who was based in the United Kingdom and died of complications from injuries sustained after a ghastly motor accident.

As the attorney to Sir Goethem Haemer I was his confidant as he shared with me virtually everything about himself, his business and family. I was his attorney for 15 years and during that period I wrote his WILL and was also named as the executor, which has
since been fulfilled. I am also aware due to my closeness to him that the amount of 22 Million Euros he deposited with a bank in Europe was not willed out. He told me about this on his sick bed and even instructed that I should prepare a codicil to that effect,
however before I could finish my work he had died.

After his death, funeral and subsequent execution of his will I went into action to ascertain the information passed unto me by my client. My investigation conformed to the information; at that
point I knew I had to do something to move the funds out of the bank and knowing that I cannot do this alone I have decided to contact you and seek your assistance and acceptance to be the next of kin to the estate. It is necessary for us to move the money out of the bank now because if we do not do this within the next two years the bank would regard the money as sundry funds, which becomes as good as their own money.

I cannot move the money in my name because he was my client, for it could arouse suspicion thus the importance of your assistance. Have my assurance that there is nothing to fear about, as I also need your assurance that you would work with me without fear or favour to achieve our desired objective. The legal back up is no problem for I would be responsible. Since the codicil was not ready before his death, Letters of Administration without Will, would be secured from the probate office, with this document granting probate rights in your favour I would personally apply on your behalf to the bank for the release of the funds to you.

What I require from you to enable us achieve the above are your:

Full and Official Names
Date of Birth
Telephone and Fax numbers

Upon receipt of a confirmation of acceptance from you, a sharing ratio would be worked out between us on the most liberal and magnanimous terms.

Take care and have a nice day. Reply me at 


Norman Kenneth de Andrade
Norman + Associates

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