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SpRnch.com the online Meeting place Membership Rockets From 20, 000 to 2

From: Dan Stingham
Subject: SpRnch.com the online Meeting place Membership Rockets From 20, 000 to 200,000 in Eight Short Months.
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:23:05 -0400

SpRnch.com becomes one of the Largest Dating Sites and moves in on Existing 
Online Dating Businesses
SpRnch.com the largest free member finder service in the world was established 
merely one year ago. In that short time span, SpRnch.com has experienced 
exponential growth and now accounts for nearly 25% of English speaking Canadian 
online singles.

CEO and Founder stated, "We like to call it call screening for the internet.
Think of it as the ultimate internet phone book. Once your set up, people (by 
your choice only) can contact you even if you're on other websites without 
knowing your personal information."

More than 35,000 Canadian members visit SpRnch.com each weekday looking for 
their perfect match.

Currently it appears that SpRnch.com is one of the largest dating sites in 
North America based on daily unique logins. SpRnch.com sparks fear in the heart 
of the online dating industry. This week alone 100,000 daily unique logins 
exceeded the previous record of 50,000 daily unique logins of only three months 
prior. Match.com, Yahoo.com, Eharmony.com and Americansingles.com are the only 
other dating sites suspected to surpass it.

Radical changes have been brought to the industry by SpRnch, 'radical' as 
SpRnch is comprised of only one employee. Sites of comparable size rarely 
operate with a staff under 50 employees. Technology costs are at a minimum when 
compared with AmericanSingles.com whose costs exceed $500,000. SpRnch.com 
garners the same amount of online traffic while keeping costs less than $10,000 
per month not including advertising.

SpRnch.com charges nothing for all of its many services. By contrast most 
dating sites charge $24.95 to $49.95 per month. When asked how this affects the 
industry, CEO replied, "With the recent success of SpRnch.com in the Canadian 
dating market, the executives of Lavalife.com, Americansingles.com and other 
major dating sites must realize their days are numbered. Who wants to pay when 
they can get a superior product for free?"
SpRnch.com has reached a new milestone by launching itself past the 200,000 
member mark as of September 1, 2004. Singles cannot seem to resist the lure of 
a quality dating site that offers a positive, growing community and services 
that are completely free.
TORONTO, ONTARIO (PRWEB) November 12, 2004 SpRnch.com has reached a new 
milestone by launching itself past the 200,000 member mark. Singles cannot seem 
to resist the lure of a quality dating site that offers a positive, growing 
community and services that are completely free.

After eight months, SpRnch.com continues to boast an exponential growth rate. 
Of the 180,000 signups since January, over 36,000 of those joined in the last 
30 days. The amazing part about the success of SpRnch.com is the fact that all 
this traffic is a result of word of mouth marketing from a loyal membership 
base. "This is also a place to meet people. Not everyone wants a soul mate. If 
one appears that's great! But a lot of the time, people are just looking for 
other things. Here is where you can do them. It is easy as 1, 2, and 3." 
founder and CEO states. "With 11 million listings you bound to see something 
you like."

As the site increases in popularity and new innovations continue to be 
implemented, the potential for the company appears to be infinite. According to 
independent web tracking firm Hitwise.com, SpRnch.com already gains more page 
views every day then established sites like AOL's Love.com which spends 
millions a year in marketing to gain traffic. When questioned about the success 
of SpRnch.com, Friend says: "I never saw this coming... I cannot believe how 
quickly we have passed the majors without investing in marketing... I guess I 
shouldn't be that surprised considering they charge $20-$50 per month for the 
same features that we are giving away for free."

Members appreciate SpRnch.com because it is user friendly and completely free, 
but more importantly they are loyal to the website because of the selection 
offered by the large membership base and the company's priority to keep users 
happy. SpRnch.com wants people to meet, interact in a safe environment and find 
their match. One satisfied member writes: "I wanted to say thank you for this 
site. I've tried others but this is the one I liked the best, not only because 
it was free, but I met more people here than anywhere else. I met my fiancée on 
here 4 months ago; we're getting married in August."

T3Media Inc. is a marketing company that currently has over 200,000 members 
with the majority of members in the United States of America and Canada. 
SpRnch.com began operations on 08-03-2004.
SpRnch.com Moves to Combine Online Dating and Online Journals after Membership 
doubles in three Months.
SpRnch.com, one of the world's largest free online gathering places, has 
entered the Online Journals market this week with the introduction of journals 
into its online personals.

Online Journals have taken the Internet by storm in the past year, with many 
sites boasting millions of users. SpRnch.com believes that by adding this 
extremely popular form of self expression to its online personals offerings, 
singles will be more drawn to each other. Instead of seeing someone through a 
cold static profile page as found on other dating sites, SpRnch.com allows a 
user to see members' emotions, desires and aspirations.

"Online Journals are an exciting tool with which our members can get to know 
each other on an emotional level," says CEO and founder. She goes on to say, 
"SpRnch.com is seen as a leader, and I believe it's only a matter of weeks 
until other players implement this revolutionary concept."

SpRnch.com having started operations in March of this year has already had a 
tremendous effect on the online dating scene. Coming out of nowhere, with no 
advertising budget and no experience, SpRnch.com has managed to acquire over 
20,000 members, with more then half of those signing up in the last three 
months. When asked to comment on SpRnch.com's explosive growth said, "We are 
offering a high quality product for free, singles are signing up in droves and 
we are making a profit while doing it."
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