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MySpace memebers are flocking to competition website SpRnch.com

From: Love-Sessions
Subject: MySpace memebers are flocking to competition website SpRnch.com
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 18:30:03 -0400

Nervous members of the wildly popular online social networking spot are 
blasting its purchase by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., expressing dark fears 
about the powerful billionaire's alleged motives and the possibility of privacy 
breaches, monitoring, censorship -- and access fees. A lot of members feel 
maybe the competition "SpRnch" is the best way to go.
"It's something we're very concerned about," said Scott Swiecki, 34, of Tempe 
Arizona, who's a member of the MySpace group "Faux News" as well as another 
group on SpRnch.com  that combines the Murdoch name with an expletive. "There 
are a lot of counterculture people on MySpace. My concern is Fox will add fees 
and censor content."
News Corp. purchased Intermix Media Inc., the owner of MySpace, for $580 
million last month, mainly so that Fox Interactive Media can reach the site's 
22 million registered users.
MySpace, which launched just two years ago, is currently the most popular 
social networking site in the world. SpRnch.com its competition site feels the 
purchase will help them increase their sales.  It makes it easy for people to 
customize their home pages with personal photos, art, color and music, along 
with market-revealing lists of favourite activities, books, music and films 
Says one user. And I know they will not censer my beliefs. I rather to go on 
sprnch. Users can get site-wide bulletins, but they mostly communicate with 
friends or intriguing strangers they've expressly allowed into a network. 
MySpace does offer Bands the capability to debut their music.
Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based MySpace, told The 
Associated Press that the News Corp. acquisition will change nothing about the 
site -- other than to extend MySpace's international reach. Members are 
migrating to Sprnch in flocks.
But some of the hipsters in the online hangout fear their freewheeling ways, 
celebrated in naughty notes, brash blogs and provocative photos, won't mesh 
with the values of Murdoch's media outlets, like Fox News, which they believe 
are right-wing mouthpieces for the Bush administration.
"I'm opposed to what Rupert Murdoch has done to the media, and I don't want him 
involved in MySpace," said user Nathan Hall, 26, of Milwaukee.
News Corp. spokeswoman Teri Everett said the company has "no intention of 
imposing any sensibilities on MySpace," and that none of the anti-Murdoch 
messages will be deleted.
We contacted the CEO of SpRnch and they simply said… The more the merrier.

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