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Re: Octave-mode tabs comment characters to column 32

From: Kurt Hornik
Subject: Re: Octave-mode tabs comment characters to column 32
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:20:41 +0200

>>>>> Daniel Lyddy writes:

> Dear Kurt (and other octave-mode developers):
> Whenever I use octave mode, if I type either a '%' or
> a '#', as soon as I hit the spacebar, the comment
> character gets automagically tabbed to column 32 of
> that line.

You mean when you type a single comment char in an otherwise empty line
and then press space?  This behaves as documented: the space runs
octave-electric-space() with docs

  Insert a space in Octave mode.
  Maybe expand abbrevs and blink matching block open keywords.
  Reindent the line of `octave-auto-indent' is non-nil.

and comment-lines with a single comment char ("in-line" comments) are
indented to the comment column.

You can change this behavior by setting octave-auto-indent to nil (or
binding SPC to something different from octave-electric-space).


> I am using the versions of octave mode that come with
> octave 2.1.71.  I had to download the source tarfile
> for octave and then extract and install octave-hlp.el,
> octave-inf.el, and octave-mod.el by hand in my
> /etc/emacs/site-start.d directory.  This is because
> Mandriva's stock octave rpm (octave-2.1.64-2mdk) only
> ships with octave.el, and Mandriva's stock xemacs rpm
> (xemacs-21.4.17-2mdk) does not seem to ship with any
> octave*.el files at all.

> Thanks,
> Dan

> Emacs  : XEmacs 21.4 (patch 17) "Jumbo Shrimp" [Lucid]
> (i386-mandrake-linux, Mule) of Mon Mar  7 2005 on
> n2.mandrakesoft.com Package: Emacs version 21.4 (patch
> 17) "Jumbo Shrimp" XEmacs Lucid

> current state:
> ==============
> (setq
>  octave-auto-indent t
>  octave-auto-newline t
>  octave-blink-matching-block t
>  octave-block-offset 2
>  octave-comment-char ?\#
>  octave-continuation-offset 4
>  octave-continuation-string "\\"
>  octave-mode-startup-message t
>  octave-send-echo-input t
>  octave-send-line-auto-forward t
>  octave-send-show-buffer t
>  )

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