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Re: vc-mode: initial comments lost if using CVS

From: era eriksson
Subject: Re: vc-mode: initial comments lost if using CVS
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:09:41 +0300

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:30:34 -0400 (EDT), "Aaron S. Hawley"
<address@hidden> said:
> I can't confirm the behavior of the missing change comment, however I can
> confirm a missing description when the file is added outside of Emacs
> (and without a -m message).  I'm assuming that your scenario entails adding
> the file to CVS from the command-line rather than Emacs. 

Nope, this is specifically about adding a new file to CVS from within

Which version of Emacs were you trying this on?

doesn't reveal (to me) anything to indicate that this particular
behavior would have been consciously changed, but some of the changes
are rather wide-reaching (in particular, the introduction of
vc-cvs-command to replace the generic vc-do-command), so perhaps it
changed just as a side effect of something else.

> $ mkdir ~/cvs
> $ export CVSROOT=$HOME/cvs
> $ cvs init
> $ cd /tmp
> $ mkdir vc-mode-test
> $ cd vc-mode-test
> $ cvs import -m"Created directory structure" vc-mode-test vc-mode test

For quick experimentation, you don't really need to import.

 vnix$ mkdir /tmp/cvsroot
 vnix$ cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot init
 vnix$ mkdir /tmp/cvsroot/vc-mode-test
 vnix$ cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot co vc-mode-test
 vnix$ emacs vc-mode-test/foo.txt

> In Emacs,
> Set vc-initial-comment to non-nil with `M-: (setq vc-initial-comment t)'.
> Register the file (`cvs add') with `C-x v v' and enter a description.
> Check-in the initial revision (`cvs commit') with `C-x v v' and enter a
> change comment.

Yes, this is correct. Just to be candid, which version of CVS are you
using? I'm currently on 1.12.9 but this has been happening since I was
using Emacs 20 (or was it even 19.35?) and CVS 1.11.

/* era */

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