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Re: vc-mode: initial comments lost if using CVS

From: era eriksson
Subject: Re: vc-mode: initial comments lost if using CVS
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 21:39:23 +0300

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:07:53 -0400 (EDT), "Aaron S. Hawley"
<address@hidden> said:
> I'm running a GNU/Linux system via Debian.
> I can get the test case to work in both Emacs 21 and Emacs from CVS:

You are correct. Thanks for taking the time to try to repro. I was too
quick to jump on Emacs -- turns out the bug is actually in CVS.

I had apparently never used a ssh-based CVS repo from outside Emacs;
this is the crucial point required to repro, but it repros from the
command line as well.

You need to have an ssh server running locally, and for convenience, you
should have your password in ssh-agent or similar.

 vnix$ cd /tmp
 vnix$ mkdir cvstemp
 vnix$ cvs -d /tmp/cvstemp init
 vnix$ mkdir /tmp/cvstemp/foo

 vnix$ cvs -d :ext:address@hidden:/tmp/cvstemp co foo
 vnix$ cd foo
 vnix$ echo nst >test.txt
 vnix$ cvs add -m "add" test.txt
 vnix$ cvs commit -m "commit" test.txt
 vnix$ cvs log test.txt

Now, you should see an empty description, and (of course) also be able
to repro this from within Emacs.

Sorry for the misdirected bug report, and thanks again for your patience
with me,

/* era */

If this were a real .signature, it would suck less.  Well, maybe not.

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