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Odd pointer behavier

From: Vinarsky, Boris
Subject: Odd pointer behavier
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 14:40:16 -0700

I am upgrading Linux desktopts in the department from RH 8.0 to RHEL 3.0. As a side effect Emacs is upgraded from ver. 21.2.1 to ver. 21.3.1.
When the 21.3.1 emacs is starts with any backgroung except for white the pointer inside emacs window takes a bold “X” shape. It makes inconvenient for users to select text.  Moving cursor to the icon bar above text window fixes the cursor and it takes “I” shape. Moving cursor to the menu bar changes the shape back to “X”. After the emacs exit cursor stays X until it is pointed to another window, where it becomes normal again. If the background is white the cursor is normal all the time.
I tested this issue under GNOME, KDE, and Failsafe. The result is the same. Prior to testing I removed all files from home directory including ~/.emacs except for .cshrc.

Setting emacs.background X resource to any non-white color produces the same result.


Does anybody know how to get rid of this cursor “feature” other than keep the background white?


Thank you,






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