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Seek for investment partner

From: alex rebecca
Subject: Seek for investment partner
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 07:12:17 +0300

I am Mrs Rebecca Alex, the wife of Alex Mathew politician in west africa in republic de benin


My husband died few years ago and he deposited some amount in a Security Company for his political career.

whicih his family is after to inherit as is asset, as his legal wife,i aware of this and have the right to the fund.

Due to the family they like to share this fund among there self , So therefore am not chance to make use of this fund in our country here.

I write to Seek for investment partner,manager/investor that will invest and manage investment on my behalf.

As the sector you will suggest for investment,will be welcomed as long as it is profit oriented and taxation minimal.

Kindly furnish me with sectors of your economy that can receive foreign investments and the tax incentives as a hand some reward awaits you for your joint partnership in the business.

Upon your response I shall give you more details.

Yours sincerely
Rebecca Alex

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