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Need more speaking engagements?

From: Marsha Friedman
Subject: Need more speaking engagements?
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 15:05:05 -0400

Eight Reasons Why Interviews on Talk Radio Can Be a Great Source of New 
Speaking Engagements!
As talk radio specialists we help our clients build their profile as experts in 
their industry by booking them as guests on talk radio shows around the 
country.  We’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have found it to be an 
amazing marketing strategy. 

With probably 1,000+ talk radio interviews under his belt, spokesperson Dr. W. 
Wong says, “Talk radio is the greatest way to get your message across to a 
large group of people at one time. There’s a captive audience during morning 
and evening drive times, in the middle of the day with people in the workplace 
and for those folks awake late at night. Without question - talk radio provides 
the best promotion bang for the buck!”

Talk radio may honestly be one of the best-kept marketing secrets there is! 
There are many reasons why this is true, but let me give you eight to start 

1. THE RIGHT DEMOGRAPHICS. Every year Talkers Magazine (radio industry trade 
publication) does a research project to profile the talk radio listener.  And, 
every year their survey confirms that the talk radio listener is, “diverse, 
educated, attentive, active and affluent…” If this describes your target 
audience – it’s a perfect match!
2. TARGET AUDIENCE. The demographics are great. With specialty talk shows on 
finance, law, politics, health, relationships, lifestyles, consumer advocacy, 
sports, gardening, and more, we can identify shows that are a perfect match for 
your message.

3. EFFECTIVE SALES TOOL. Publicity is definitely not paid advertising. But, 
publicity can be far more effective. A compelling interview on talk radio can 
sell a product or service without the audience even realizing they’ve been 
sold! And, if it’s a good interview, listeners will want to know how to get 
whatever the guest is talking about.  Most hosts will freely mention your 
website address or toll free number so as not to be bombarded with phone calls 
and to accommodate their listening audience. 
4. THIRD PARTY ENDORSEMENT. Talk radio hosts have loyal followings – that’s how 
they maintain their ratings. And listeners tune in daily to hear what their 
favorite host is talking about. As that host is often thought of as an old 
friend or trusted advisor, when you appear as a guest on their show, listeners 
hear an implicit endorsement of you and your message!

5. CREDIBILITY. This is a crucial ingredient in every marketing campaign - and 
talk radio supplies it in abundance. One of our clients told us, “…every show 
I’ve appeared on – the host tells his listeners about my great expertise, my 
many accomplishments and how proud they are to have me as a guest on their 
show! Of course, the more important I am as a guest, the more important the 
host appears to be. As far as promotion and credibility goes - it just doesn’t 
get any better!”

6. ENOUGH TIME TO TELL YOUR WHOLE STORY. As a guest – you have far more than 60 
seconds – you have ten to sixty minutes of quality time with a very targeted 
and attentive audience. You have time to effectively tell your story, talk 
about the quality of your services and how they can benefit the listeners. It’s 
a perfect opportunity to promote your services to the masses - all of which 
should result in more speaking engagements!
7. COST EFFECTIVE PROMOTION. Our fees are minuscule compared to what you’d 
spend in advertising dollars to buy the same amount of air time!  Plus, talk 
radio interviews are all done by phone, so without having to travel around the 
country, you can have a live conversation with potential clients in your home 
state or around the country.
8. IMMEDIATE EXPOSURE. You can be on the air within two to three weeks! And, 
because talk radio keeps up with changing times and topics, we can continuously 
create new angles for your topic that reflects current events, to keep you on 
the air and in the news on an ongoing basis.

Here’s more good news.

We’re cutting our publicity campaign IN HALF to let you test this  marketing 
strategy at a very affordable cost!

Our normal campaign requires a minimum commitment of 20 interviews.  But, for a 
limited time, we will schedule you as a guest on 10 talk radio shows for only 

These aren't just any talk shows, either.  There are no small stations or tiny 
markets in the mix.


Plus - we'll work hard to get you on one or more NATIONALLY SYNDICATED SHOWS.

You see, we’re a primary resource for the talk radio industry - providing 
producers and hosts with highly credible topics, guests and experts. We 
schedule anywhere from 60 to 100 interviews every week! There’s no question, we 
know the shows and hosts nationwide who will want to interview you! In fact 
we’re so sure we can obtain quality media exposure for you that we offer a 
money back guarantee! With our service, you can’t possibly lose. 

As our company has executed over a thousand campaigns – we know what works. So, 
call me to find out if you have the elements of what it will take to get the 
national media exposure that our clients enjoy. 

I can be reached at 727-443-7115 x 208, or you can-email me at address@hidden 
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Warmest Regards,
Marsha Friedman, President

Event Management Services, Inc.
1127 Grove Street
Clearwater, FL  33755
727-443-7115 x208 phone
727-443-0835 fax

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word REMOVE in the Subject line and we will ensure that your request is handled 
promptly. Thank you.

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