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Re: Bug: Resolution of multiple Emacs windows on Tiger (OS X 10.4.2)

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Bug: Resolution of multiple Emacs windows on Tiger (OS X 10.4.2)
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 16:48:15 -0600
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Greg Burton wrote:
I have been a long-time user of EMACS on OS X, but have come upon a new problem running any of the current Carbon EMACS distributions on Tiger ( I'm running 10.4.2). This bug arises when opening multiple EMACS windows using the c-x 52 command. Specifically, when I open the first EMACS window (when starting up the application) I get a normal-looking window with proper resolution of all alpha-numeric characters in the frame. However, when I open a second window (using c-x 52) that new frame is displayed at a MUCH coarser resolution than is normal. It looks as though the frame contains many fewer pixels than the first, because now all alpha-numeric characters are displayed so coarsely that you can see individual pixels making up each individual character. However, when opening a THIRD window, that window is now displayed at the same high resolution as the first! And when opening a FOURTH window, I get the same coarse display of the SECOND!! This "fine-coarse" pattern continues for every pair of windows opened using c-x 52. I have installed several different Tiger-compatible Carbon EMACS distributions and all have the same bug.

I'd like to get this bug fixed, so I don't have to keep opening pairs of windows (deleting the ODD-ordered one) to insure that all my working windows have the same high resolution.

How recently were these Tiger-compatible Carbon Emacs distributions
updated from CVS?

Does this happen when you start emacs with both the -q (aka
--no--init-file) and --no-site-file options?

Perhaps the before-make-frame-hook or after-make-frame-functions
variables have been customized and are toggling some display feature
(use `C-h v' to see their values).


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