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Re: Emacs 21.4 dumps core while exiting

From: Larry Griffith
Subject: Re: Emacs 21.4 dumps core while exiting
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:54:53 -0400

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

        Thanks to Eli Zaretskii and Richard Stallman for responding to my
original request.  However, the problem still exists.  Here is my original

>> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

>>      When we recently upgraded from emacs 21.3 to emacs 21.4a on
>> our Solaris 9 machines, we found that emacs would cause a coredump
>> when it exited.  Buffers were written correctly to files.  We tried
>> reverting to emacs 21.3, but now it does the same thing.  Even
>> clearing out all files installed by emacs and reinstalling does not
>> prevent this behavior.  The only change we can think of that might
>> cause this was an upgrade of gcc to version 4.0.1 prior to the emacs
>> upgrade.

        Richard suggested reverting from GCC 4.0.1 to an earlier
version.  We tried GCC 3.4.3 (the last version prior to 4.0.1 that we
had installed).  I cleared out emacs and reinstalled.  The same
problem occurs.

        Eli suggested turning optimization off.  We tried that (with
GCC 3.4.3).  The problem persists.  I notice that the makefiles keep
trying the -O2 option; I don't know if my -O0 is overriding that or is
being overriden.

        I have attached a transcript of the installation of emacs using
gcc -O0 and a transcript of using gdb on the core file.

        Thank you for your help.

                                                Larry Griffith

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