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a bug report on info.el

From: Hiroshi Okagawa
Subject: a bug report on info.el
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 23:35:03 +0900


I've found a bug in info.el which comes with Emacs
and want to report it.

Its info-initialize is written as:
> (defun info-initialize ()
>   "Initialize `Info-directory-list', if that hasn't been done yet."
>   (unless Info-directory-list
>     (let ((path (getenv "INFOPATH")))
>       (setq Info-directory-list
>           (prune-directory-list
>            (if path
>                (if (string-match ":\\'" path)
>                    (append (split-string (substring path 0 -1)
>                                          (regexp-quote path-separator))
>                            (Info-default-dirs))
>                  (split-string path (regexp-quote path-separator)))
>              (Info-default-dirs)))))))

However, I think last two lines should be written like this:

          (append   (split-string path (regexp-quote path-separator)))

Otherwise, the last (Info-default-dirs) won't be appended to

I think this bug appeared in Revision 1.343 of info.el for the first time.

Best regards,
Hiroshi Okagawa

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