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Climb Aboard the Small Cap Gravy Train

From: Suzana
Subject: Climb Aboard the Small Cap Gravy Train
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:03:15 -0500

*Stock Traders Alert For Tuesday*

Techedge, Inc.(OTCBB: TEDG)
Tentative Agreement with China Unitop Electronics (Unitop) to acquire
Unitop's Communications Business Unit, Which has Deployed One of the Largest
Metro Wi-Fi Networks in China. (Source: News 8/18/05)

Current Price: 0.64

Huge PR Campaign Just Started for Tuesday's Trading's Trading and is Expected
to Run Into Next Week....

Many of You may Agree, Stocks Are All About Timing..... Is TEDG Going to
Blow Through the Roof Like Some Other Small Stocks Have? If You Think So,
You may Want to Jump On Board....

Reasons To Consider TEDG: (Source: Recent Press Releases)

1)Techedge Announces Tentative Agreement to Acquire Unitop Communications
Business Unit in China-Announced its wholly-owned subsidiary China Quantum
Communications Ltd. (CQCL) has reached a tentative agreement with China
Unitop Electronics (Unitop) to acquire Unitop's communications business
unit, which has deployed one of the largest metro Wi-Fi networks in China.
Terms and conditions of the proposed acquisition were not disclosed.

2)Techedge Conducts Wireless Broadband IP Network Trial in China- Techedge,
Inc. (OTCBB:TEDG - News), a leading international mobile VoIP and wireless
broadband solution provider, today announced it will conduct a commercial
network trial with Tonggong Dianzi Jishu Co., Ltd. (Taiji Tonggong) in
Hanzhou City, China, for the purpose of building a nationwide wireless IP
broadband network that will enable service providers to deliver online
entertainment content throughout China. Taiji Tonggong is a network builder
that holds a 3.5GHz frequency license in China.

Corporate Snapshot (Source: News 8/18/05)

Techedge, Inc. is a leading international mobile Voice over IP (VoIP)
solution provider. The Company has pioneered a disruptive and low cost
communications solutions combining matured radio and VoIP technologies for
emerging service providers to address customers' communications needs.
Techedge's IP-PCS solution is the first in the market to support VoIP with
regional mobility on an unlicensed PCS frequency for low-cost mobile VoIP
services. Its core platform can easily adopt various radio technologies such
as PACS-UB, Wi-Fi, and WiMax providing smooth transitions with call
management and operating support systems. It is designed for rapid
deployment in urban, resort, campus and local communities.


Please Watch This One Trade and, as Always, Be On the Lookout for More News
that May Impact The Stock Moving Forward..

Inf0rmati0n within this email c0ntains "f0rward l00king statements" within
the meaning 0f Secti0n 27A 0f the Securities Act 0f 1933 and Secti0n 21B 0f
the Securities Exchange Act 0f 1934. Any statements that express 0r inv0lve
discussi0ns with respect t0 predicti0ns, expectati0ns, beliefs, plans,
pr0jecti0ns, 0bjectives, g0als, assumpti0ns 0r future events 0r perf0rmance
are n0t statements 0f hist0rical fact and may be "f0rward l00king
statements."F0rward l00king statements are based 0n expectati0ns, estimates
and pr0jecti0ns at the time the statements are made that inv0lve a number 0f
risks and uncertainties which c0uld cause actual results 0r events t0 differ
materially fr0m th0se presently anticipated. As with many micr0cap st0cks,
t0day's c0mpany has discl0sable items y0u need t0 c0nsider t0 be able t0
make an inf0rmed and intelligent decisi0n regarding the st0ck. These fact0rs
include,but are n0t limited t0: a large accumulated deficit,a negative net
w0rth, a g0ing c0ncern 0pini0n fr0m its audit0r,n0minal revenues in its m0st
recent quarter,a n0minal cash p0siti0n,a reliance 0n l0ans fr0m 0fficers t0
pay expenses,and there are s0me related party transacti0ns.The tentative
agreement menti0ned ab0ve may n0t bec0me a definitive agreement and may n0t
0ccur. The c0mpany is g0ing t0 need financing.If that financing d0es n0t
0ccur, the c0mpany may n0t be able t0 c0ntinue as a g0ing c0ncern in which
case y0u c0uld l0se y0ur entire investment. 0ther fact0rs include general
ec0n0mic and business c0nditi0ns, the ability t0 acquire and devel0p
specific pr0jects, the ability t0 fund 0perati0ns and changes in c0nsumer
and business c0nsumpti0n habits and 0ther fact0rs 0ver which the c0mpany has
little 0r n0 c0ntr0l. The publisher 0f this newsletter d0es n0t represent
that the inf0rmati0n c0ntained in this message states all material facts 0r
d0es n0t 0mit a material fact necessary t0 make the statements therein n0t
misleading. All inf0rmati0n pr0vided within this email pertaining t0
investing, st0cks, securities must be underst00d as inf0rmati0n pr0vided and
n0t investment advice. The publisher 0f this newsletter advises all readers
and subscribers t0 seek advice fr0m a registered pr0fessi0nal securities
representative bef0re deciding t0 trade in st0cks featured within this
email. N0ne 0f the material within this rep0rt shall be c0nstrued as any
kind 0f investment advice 0r s0licitati0n. Many 0f these c0mpanies are 0n
the verge 0f bankruptcy. Y0u can l0se all y0ur m0ney by investing in this
st0ck. We urge y0u t0 read the c0mpany's SEC filings n0w, right n0w, bef0re
y0u invest. The publisher 0f this newsletter is n0t a registered in-vestment
advis0r. Subscribers sh0uld n0t view inf0rmati0n herein as legal, tax,
acc0unting 0r investment advice. In c0mpliance with the Securities Act 0f
1933, Secti0n 17(b),The publisher 0f this newsletter is c0ntracted t0
receive f0urty th0usand d0llars fr0m a third party, n0t an 0fficer, direct0r
0r affiliate shareh0lder f0r the circulati0n 0f this rep0rt. Be aware 0f an
inherent c0nflict 0f interest resulting fr0m such c0mpensati0n due t0 the
fact that this is a paid advertisement and is n0t with0ut bias.The party
that paid us has a p0siti0n in the st0ck they will sell at any time with0ut
n0tice. This c0uld have a negative impact 0n the price 0f the st0ck, causing
y0u t0 l0se m0ney. All factual inf0rmati0n in this rep0rt was gathered fr0m
public s0urces, including but n0t limited t0 C0mpany filings, C0mpany
Websites and C0mpany Press Releases. The publisher 0f this newsletter
believes this inf0rmati0n t0 be reliable but can make n0 guarantee as t0 its
accuracy 0r c0mpleteness. Use 0f the material within this email c0nstitutes
y0ur acceptance 0f these terms in g0d we trust.

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