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cheap oem soft shipping //orldwide [Ref:416]

From: elmxl
Subject: cheap oem soft shipping //orldwide [Ref:416]
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 05:53:18 -0200

0ffice XP - $6o

other world famous software from name-branded corporations at same prices! INTERESTING ?

then visit the BEST ever OEM store on internet!
Why so cheap?

All the software is OEM- Meaning that you don't get the box and the
manual with your software. All you will receive is the actual
software and your unique registration code.

All the software is in the English language for PC. Our offers
are unbeatable and we always update our prices to make sure we
provide you with the best possible offers. Hurry up and place
your order, because our supplies are limited.

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