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Re: emacs C/C++ comments

From: Heike C. Zimmerer
Subject: Re: emacs C/C++ comments
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 09:43:00 +0100
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Drosos Kourounis <address@hidden> writes:

> When for instance one uses the following symbol for comments
> //
> then everything is fine! Unfortunately this is not what happens
> when one want's to use for convenience the C style of comments
> /*
> */
> Two "bad" things happen then!
> 1) Comments do take some time to change color

Emacs doesn't recalculate the coloring of the entire buffer
immediately after each key stroke for obvious reasons.

> 2) The commented part of the code itself may or
>     may not change its color in a big part of it depending
>    how big the part of the code which is commented out is!

Not sure if this is an Emacs problem.  You are aware that C comments
don't nest?  Using #if[def] ... #endif clauses if you want to deactivate
longer parts of your code is the preferred method.


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