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From: Nicolas M. Thiery
Subject: Re: MuPACS
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 00:26:45 +0100
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        Dear Richard,

> Is it free software?  Most "open source" software is free,
> but there are a few exceptions.  (What license does it use?)


> How about if we change the name to inf-giac, and delete the text
> that mentions MuPAD?

Ok, up to confirmation by the co-developers of mupacs. I however would
insist on keeping the entry point functions mupad-run and mupad-mode,
in order to ensure backward compatibility and make life simpler for
our users. Also, there are some MuPAD specific details in the
documentation and customization variables that I would prefer to keep.

> A project that doesn't respect our freedom does not deserve our help
> or cooperation.

I know your prose :-)

Best regards,
Nicolas M. Thiéry "Isil" <address@hidden>

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