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Re: BUGS in GNU Emacs

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: BUGS in GNU Emacs
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 19:33:18 +0200

> Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 15:32:22 +0000
> From: address@hidden
> I used Latex from Emacs in Windows 2000 and XP and would like to do the 
> same things here. Yesterday, I found the files of Emacs 21.3 and 
> downloaded them from http://www.math.aau.dk/~dethlef/Tips/download.html.
> I tested the software but the following error message came out.
> Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
> (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
> m:\My Documents\kikuchi>latex "\nonstopmode\input" getphd.tex
> latex "\nonstopmode\input" getphd.tex
> This is e-TeXk, Version 3.141592-2.1 (Web2c 7.5.2)
>   %&-line parsing enabled.
>   (c:/usr/local/share/texmf/web2c/cp8bit.tcx)
> I can't find the format file `latex.efmt'!
> m:\My Documents\kikuchi>
> What is the file 'latex.emft'? How do I fix this problem? For my work, 
> latex is essential software and your kind help is very helpful for me.

This has nothing to do with Emacs.  You are using a Windows port of
e-TeX, so please take this up with e-TeX maintainers.

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