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Sell you items at Chambo, at no cost!

From: inquiry
Subject: Sell you items at Chambo, at no cost!
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 23:15:09 +0800

Dear Sir/Madam,

*Chambo* is the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce's latest web page to allow users to buy and sell used items, stock goods or samples online. It is a do-it-yourself site for posting and offering. The Chamber provides the platform free of charge and takes no commission. The only thing we require from you is your honesty in the buying and selling process. For the seller, you must post your item for sale with photos and we have the right to remove any item from the site at any time without explanation. We also bear no responsibility on the bona fides of the item and the transaction between buyer and seller.

The Chamber website www.chamber.org.hk is visited by thousands of viewers daily and most of them are business people. *Chambo* is a new online service of the Chamber and it will take time to mature. However, it offers you an additional free marketplace where you buy and sell, so why not try your luck on *Chambo*.

To view the site or post your items, please go to: www.chamber.org.hk/chambo/

By the way, *Chambo* pronounced in Cantonese is *´MÄ_*, which means *Treasure Hunting*.

Good luck!

Inquiries: Tel.: 2823 1249 (Steve)
Email: address@hidden
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce





¬d¸ß¹q¸Ü: 2823 1249 (Steve)
¹q¶l: address@hidden


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