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ediff-make-wide-display needs to specify (user-position . t) in frame pa

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: ediff-make-wide-display needs to specify (user-position . t) in frame parameter alist
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 10:03:32 -0700
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: [comp.emacs] ediff wide/gnome (emacs 21) Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 08:43:21 GMT User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1
On Fri Nov 25, I was peacefully napping until Kevin Rodgers said:

> Mike Ballard wrote:
> > I'm not particularly enamored with gnome but have been using it for
> > awhile, have things set up so would rather just leave it.
> > But one of the irritating problems I never had until using gnome is ediff
> > wide-screen positioning; on-screen emacs is positioned near the right edge
> > where I want it; when I start ediff (using 'ediff-diff-options "-w"')
> > 9x/10 gnome/its wm leave the left edge of emacs as-is and expands for
> > ediff off-screen (out of view) to the right.  Besides dropping gnome or
> > replacing wms, is there any way I can fix this?
> > I have no idea how/why gnome does this because as I mentioned, it doesn't
> > do this each and every single time; sometimes it will correctly
> > expand/reposition to the center but 90% of the time it expands off-screen
> > to the right (and this inconsistency could be session-to-session or a
> > couple times it's done this within a single session).
> Does adding (user-position . t) to the frame parameters help?
> (defun ediff-make-wide-display ()
>    "Construct an alist of parameters for the wide display.
> Saves the old frame parameters in `ediff-wide-display-orig-parameters'.
> The frame to be resized is kept in `ediff-wide-display-frame'.
> This function modifies only the left margin and the width of the display.
> It assumes that it is called from within the control buffer."
>    (if (not (fboundp 'ediff-display-pixel-width))
>        (error "Can't determine display width"))
>    (let* ((frame-A (window-frame ediff-window-A))
>        (frame-A-params (frame-parameters frame-A))
>        (cw (ediff-frame-char-width frame-A))
>        (wd (- (/ (ediff-display-pixel-width) cw) 5)))
>      (setq ediff-wide-display-orig-parameters
>         (list (cons 'left (max 0 (eval (cdr (assoc 'left frame-A-params)))))
>               (cons 'width (cdr (assoc 'width frame-A-params))))
>         ediff-wide-display-frame frame-A)
>      (modify-frame-parameters frame-A
>                            `((left . ,cw) (width . ,wd)
>                              (user-position . t)))))

Yep; did the trick.  Thanks...


--- End Message ---

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