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Mr.Liu want to reach you

From: Liu Bowen
Subject: Mr.Liu want to reach you
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 02:22:56 +0800

   Have a nice day!From website I find an email address of yours.I am
now seek a job of curtain wall engineer job or structure engineer.
   My resume is attached for your review.  I am confident that my
 (such like 20 years professional experience and management
ability,Black Belt, Executive Overview-Leaders communicating, leading,
and direct the 
company's overall objectives toward a successful and profitable Six
Sigma deployment.Champion Program-Upper level managers leading the
 efforts of Six Sigma) and past experience could make great
contributions to your organization. Therefore I would appreciate the
opportunity to discuss
 my qualifications for this position in greater detail with you in
person at your earliest convenience. I would welcome the opportunity to
discuss this position/project with you at your convenience."If I send a
wrong an email address,please help me forward to hr. or let him or her
contact with me. 
  I am standing by to hear from you and look forward with to speak with
  If any question please feel free to contact with me.
  Thank you for your consideration   
   Best Regards
   Mr.Liu Bowen

Liu Bowen's Resume

Name:Liu Bowen  Sex¨ male email: liu_bowen2003@yahoo.com
Age:41  Nationality¨ PR.China 

Desire Salary:75,000+Bonus

1-6-18B,Jun Feng Li She,Long Zhu 6 Road,Xi Li/Nanshan
Shenzhen/Guang Dong/PR.China 518055 
Tel;0118675526960172   Direct:0118675526146412
Fax:0118675526960408   Cell:0118613149982809

Work Permissions 
Citizenship           People's Republic of China
United States:        Need Sponsorship   
Work Authorization:   People's Republic of China 
Current Salary: USD75k
Job Role  Chief Engineer,Director
Designe Manager ,Project Manager,Quality Control,Design in Curtain 
Construction Steel,Construction Steel Truss,Membrane Structiure, 
and Sketching, Technical Support
Relevant Years of Experience  20   
Primary Discipline  Architectural Engineering    
Architectural Engineering - Curtain Walls,Windows,Skylight
Architectural Engineering - Exterior Architecture  
Architectural Engineering - Roofing Systems
Steel Constructure Engineering-Truss
Senior Test and Evaluation Engineer
20 years professional experience in curtain wall,construction,steel
glass or glazing industry. 
Strong understanding of
handrails and truss design.

General Skills    
Education and Certifications 
Academic Qualifications  Mechanical Engineering, BS  PE
Design Drafting Engineering Technology, AS/AAS 
Professional Qualifications  Certified Professional Estimator 
Cost Engineer )  
International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) 
International Project Management Association (IPMA) 
Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)  
American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)   
Professional Engineer - Civil 
Professional Engineer - Mechanical 
Engineer in Training - Manufacturing 

Computer skills:
AutoCAD 2005, 3d, Staad Pro, Xteel, 3Dmax6.0, Photoshop7.0, Office,
Pro/Engineer,Robot,Sap2000  Microsoft Office(Excel, Word, etc.)
Robot,StructureCad,ArchitectureCad, Rstab,Ansys8.0

Education & Trainning 
1997-9 ~1999-7 Association of UK Royal Special Arch.Constr. CIOB
International Project Management. IPMPA Cert.-A Class 
1982-9 ~1986-7  Chong Qing University Construction 
Major: Steel Structure and Construction Machinery   Bachelor degree 
1972-2 ~1982-7 Xiang Fang Middle School Construction Diploma in Curtain
wall and Glazing
Work Experience  20 years served on 5 Companies
2002-06 ~ present  Fanda Curtain Wall Co. Jiao Xin Co.   Director 
    Managerial executive vice president with design of stadium and
convention exhibition center design exhibition space for the
Contemporary Museum and some airport design as a team player 
1999-01 ~ 2003-06  Shanghai Cosco Kawasaki Heavy Industry Steel
Structure Co.Ltd   Director 
   I perform design,consulting and testing services on new and existing
constructions. On new construction I provide: Project Management,
Procurement, Fabrication and Installation 
Conceptual Design*Material 
Selection Assistance Value Engineering Specification Preparation
Architectural Drawing Review Bid Review Contractors Drawing Review 
Quality Management Inspections and Testing 
1993-12 ~ 1999-01  Fanda  and Zhong Jin Construction Curtain Wall Co.
Chief Engineer 
   I specialize in the design of curtain wall engineering, fabrication
and installation of a building's exterior wall systems and Blast
Approach to providing fully engineered glass; aluminum and granite
integrated exterior wall systems 
Curtain walls and Window, Doors, Glazing, Fa?ade, Construction Steel of
Plant, Truss Design 
1986-01 ~ 1993-12 Changsha Research Institute of Construction Steel and
Design Engineer in charge of Design of Curtain Wall engineering, Steel
Structural Engineering and Construction Machinery 

Excellent organizational, leadership, communication, and analytical
Experience at the corporate construction operations
Skillful in Curtain Wall Engineering・Manufacuturing,Mechanical
Engineering・Construction Steel 
Able to solve problems and manage projects unsupervised. 
Detailing / checking experience. I am an engaged in project management
and the design of construction steel and curtain wall, exterior 

A person with abundant management experience and well-knit technical
research abilities. 
Experience of project management 
Be good at team set-up and expansion, production 
Skillful in communicating with diversiform clients and assort with
Dependable Mechanically inclined 
Disciplined Good grades (especially maths Enthusiastic and highly
motivated Problem solving ability
Strong work ethic Team player Dependable Mechanically inclined 
Disciplined Good grades (especially math) 
Enthusiastic and highly self-motivated Problem solving ability 
Understanding of the manufacturing process and performance
characteristics for glass/glass coatings, and aluminum/aluminum
Ability to identify and apply products to applications. Understanding 
system capabilities, fabrication and installation

Desiner:Zhang Jun Ming:                  0118675525154472(Speak 
Designer:Huan Jun Ming:                  0118675581890185(Speak 
Designer:He Ming                         0118613316992529(Speak 
President:Mr.Zhang Zhi                    01186-13909205522(Speak
Vice President: Zhu Ji Shu                 0118613902480681(Speak
President:Xu Biao                         0118613902922815(Speak 
and English)
Chairman:Mr.Zhang Chao Xuan:            0118613902976602
General Manager:Cheng Xing Ming         01186-13907181288
CEO:Mr.Ni Jian Jun                        01186-13807312306
Department Manager:Miss.Yang Su Ping:    0118613609158982 (Speak 
and English)
Collegue:Mr.Zhao Hua                      01186-13714227586 (Speak
Collegue:Mr.Hun Ming                      01186-7318807761   (Speak
Friend:   Miss.Lai Mei     01186-13058172428  01186-75526443100(Speak
Chinese and English)
Friend:   Miss.Yuan Chun Hua             01186-13574525252(Speak 
and English)
Friend:   Miss.Shi Jian Rong               01186-13991108496(Speak
Chinese and English)
Father:   Mr.Liu Qing Hua                  01186-7325570389 (Speak
High School School Classmate Miss:Huan Zhi Qing  01186-13600183003
01186-75525879612 (Speak Chinese and a little English)
High School Classsmate:Li Li                   0118613709694721(Speak
Chinese and English)
University Classmate:Li Jian Tao   01186-7318807463 (Speak Chinese and 
little English)

In recent 2 years my part achievements
Achivement:Project of Curtain Wall Designed By Mr.Liu
No.     Project         Area
(M2)    Hight(m)        Contract(USD)   Location        Role    When
1       Xi An Chag Qing Oil
Plaza   70,000  150     11,000,000      Xian/China      Drawing
Design  2001
2       Xi An Xin Xi
Plaza   58,600  192     8,700,000       Xian/China      Drawing
Design  1998
3       China Shenzhen Investment
Plaza   68,500  52      9,500,000       Shenzhen/China  Drawing
Design  2005
4       Qing Dao Air Port       75,500  45      12,200,000      Qing
Dao/China       Bid     2002
5       Da Lian Airport 65,000  42      9,650,000       Da
Lian/China      Bid     1997
6       Guang Zhou
Airport 120,000 56      22,000,000      Guangzhou/China Drawing
Design  2002
7       Xi An Aviation Plaza    25,000  102     3,500,000       Xi
An/China        Drawing Design  2003
8       Wu Han Electrical Plaza 22,000  125     3,200,000       Wu
Han/China       Bid     2004
9       Guang  Zhou Fuli
Plaza   45,000  170     7,000,000       Guangzhou/China Bid     2004
10      Wu Ru Mu Qi Hi De
Hotel   36,000  139     6,200,000       Xinjiang/China  Drawing
Design  1995
11      Beijing Zhongguancun Keji
Plaza   56,000  156     8,000,000       Beijing/China   Bid     2003
12      Citibank Plaza Shanghai
72,000  180     18,000,000      Shanghai/China  Drawing Design  2003

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