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Re: DIRED-GET-MARKED-FILES fails mysteriously

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: DIRED-GET-MARKED-FILES fails mysteriously
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:05:34 +0200
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> In GNU Emacs 21.4.1 (i386-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)
>  of 2005-03-18 on trouble, modified by Debian
> Perform the following, in a shell:
> % mkdir /tmp/Foo
> % mkdir "/tmp/Apr 26 2004 (Camcorder)"

Do you mean:

  % mkdir "/tmp/Foo/Apr 26 2004 (Camcorder)"

> In emacs, bring up dired on Foo; C-x d "/tmp/Foo"
> Mark the directory called "/tmp/Apr 26 2004 (Camcorder)"
> M-: (dired-get-marked-files)
> ("/tmp/Foo/(Camcorder)")
> is what gets displayed in the echo area.
> ("/tmp/Foo/Apr 26 2004 (Camcorder)")  is the expected response.

This works correctly in the development version of Emacs (if `ls'
supports the `--dired' option).  Please either use Emacs from CVS or
wait for the soon-to-be-released next version.

Juri Linkov

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