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Visited-file-modtime bug

From: Whitfield Diffie
Subject: Visited-file-modtime bug
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 11:52:22 -0800

                                Sunday  08 January 2006  at 11:49

    An attempt to find-file to root in an emacs in which there is already a
buffer containing the root directory produces the error:

                     Wrong type argument: listp, 21''.

    The error manifests in dired-internal-noselect (attached) which follows
the path:

    (if (not new-buffer-p)     ; existing buffer ...
                *               *               *
              ((if (let ((attributes (file-attributes dirname))
                         (modtime (visited-file-modtime)))
                     (or (eq modtime 0)
                         (not (eq (car attributes) t))
                         (and (= (car (nth 5 attributes)) (car modtime))
                              (= (nth 1 (nth 5 attributes)) (cdr modtime)))))
                *               *               *

I presume that (visited-file-modtime) of the root directory is supposed to
be zero; it is actually 21, which fails the zero test and then errors two
lines later on the attempt to take its car.

    I have corrected this for my own use by adding (not (consp modtime)) to the
or, effectively replacing (eq modtime 0) but this does not correct the root 

    Visited-file-modtime is also used in:

fast-lock.el:     (file-timestamp (visited-file-modtime)) (saved nil))
fast-lock.el:  (let ((buf-timestamp (visited-file-modtime))
files.el:               (old-modtime (visited-file-modtime)))
gnus/nnfolder.el:         (setq newscantime (visited-file-modtime))
net/ange-ftp.el:              (buf-mdtm (with-current-buffer buf 

I don't know whether any of these uses produce errors or whether there are
errors associated with any of the associated functions
clear-visited-file-modtime, set-visited-file-modtime, and


Attachment: dired-internal-noselect-from-gnu-emacs-21.4.el
Description: Binary data

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