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Are integer operations really integral?

From: Norbert Grün
Subject: Are integer operations really integral?
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 20:57:37 +0100

Dear Madam or Sir!

I recently used Emacs 20.7 for WinNT to check the date of the initial 
of our longtime weekly pulp Sci-Fi novel Perry Rhodan

I fired up the calendar, positioned to 2006-01-06 for volume 2316 and 

C-u 2316 C-p

to go back this many weeks.

I landed on 1961-08-18 whereas the mag part told of 1961-09-08 which is
three weeks later.

I sent already a mail to the publishers whether they had issued two 
a week for a couple of times when changing publishing day which had
happened a few times in the past.

The error is 0.13% which may or may not pile up in floating point
calculations when iterated that many times.

But a C-u <num> <command> repetition is integral in its very nature 
and the
ELISP engine should be much happier with integers for decrementing the 
over the <command> than fiddling with floats and doubles.

ALGOL60 allowed REALs as loop and ARRAY indices, PASCAL stopped this 
C(++) may allow it, but it is highly disrecommended because a loop
termination condition testing for equality against an integral value 
zero is almost guaranteed to fail resulting in an endless loop. Also
testing for inequality will result in haphazard one-off errors hard to
debug. Also integers should be large enough to avoid a rollover as I
realised once on a VAX.

So please check whether your integer arithmetic is not secretly 
to float in a dark corner of your code albeit this should be ironed out
long ago regarding the major version (20.7).

Kind Regards

Norbert Grün (address@hidden)


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