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emacs-emerge error

From: Akhil Mittal
Subject: emacs-emerge error
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:30:51 +0530

In emacs, I am trying to use the merge utility as follows:
M-x emerge-files
and thereafter entring the file names present in my default directory. But when emerge calls for "diff" utility it displays the following error:

Errors found in diff/diff3 output.
%DIFF-F-OPENIN, error opening HCL_NISN_DEV:\[RI.V190-0200.SRC.TEST]FIRST.C as input-RMS-F-SYN, file specification syntax error

The problem as seems to me is the path emerge is sending to the diff utility: it should be

But it's sending:

Kindly help me sort out this issue.


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