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Re: Weird emacs behavior

From: Ehud Karni
Subject: Re: Weird emacs behavior
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 17:46:29 +0200

 [ resent, there was a mistake in the mailing list name ]

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 22:38:16 -0800, Leo Chang wrote:
> There is an unexplained behavior that we've seen on a few machines we have
> with emacs.  These are Redhat Enterprise Linux boxes that we usually ssh to.
> Xforwarding works fine.  All X apps including emacs work fine.  Then, after
> a long time (weeks or months), emacs stops appearing in its own window when
> you ssh into the box.  Instead, after a long wait, it croaks with something
> like "Connection Lost to Xserver. localhost 10:0."
> At this point, you can open ALL X applications except for emacs.  Xeyes,
> xclock, xterm, firefox all work!  But not emacs.  "emacs -nw" does work, and
> emacs in its own Xwindow works if you're directly on the machine.  However,
> emacs will not open without the -nw option thru ssh.  (Even though it did
> while the machine was running for quite some time.)  Restarting the machine
> fixes the problem.

Can you do "netstat -a" (look for listening ports in the 6000-6100 range)
when the problem occurs ?
Also, do "echo $DISPLAY".

Try to run "naked" emacs - emacs -q , what happens ?


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