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Re: ntemacs installation bug fix

From: Wu Weiwei
Subject: Re: ntemacs installation bug fix
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 00:49:55 +0800

>> Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 18:09:36 +0800
>> From: "Wu Weiwei" <goodwu@gmail.com>
>> I am using the most recent CVS code.
>Thanks.  But please in the future report problems with the CVS code on
>emacs-devel@gnu.org or emacs-pretest-bug@gnu.org.  This list is for
>reporting bugs in released versions.
I'm sorry.
>> When I try to run "mingw32-make install", it complained "F:emacs-bin/leim" 
>> not found and "F:\emacs-bin" was my emacs install directory. It also 
>> happened in emacs/nt directory.
>What shell are you using?  Is it the MSYS shell, by chance?
I'm just using cmd.exe, not MSYS.
>I'm asking because I'm running "make install" every day, using the
>MinGW port of Make, and I never saw such a problem.
Yes, I also have run "make install" for 2 years and never had such problem. But 
I have changed my notebook recently and thus have setup a new build environment.
The new environment is setup using MinGW-5.0.2.exe from www.mingw.org. My OS is 
XP Home edition.

Thanks for your reply.

Best Regards

Wu Weiwei 

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