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finding clone

From: Bill Lytton
Subject: finding clone
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:59:53 -0400

I imagine that you guys are already working on augmenting the buffer clone

I would suggest having a routine such as the following that will allow you to 
an existing clone once it's been lost in a pile of buffers

(defun find-clone ()
  "Find another buffer looking at same file (made from clone-indirect-buffer)"
  (let ((blist (cdr (buffer-list))) ;; leave off current buffer
        (f (buffer-file-name)) f2 done bl)
    (while (and blist (not done))
      (setq bl (car blist) f2 (buffer-file-name bl) blist (cdr blist))
      (and (string= f f2)(setq done t)))
    (if done (pop-to-buffer bl)
      (message "No clone found"))))

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