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Re: Font of spawned windows.

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Font of spawned windows.
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 17:14:51 -0600
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Donald A. Pellegrino Jr. wrote:
> I have added "(set-default-font "fontset-standard")" to my .emacs
> file. This allows me to use the standard fontset when I open a new
> Emacs session via X11. When I use C-x 5 2 the new window that is
> opened uses the default fontset rather than the standard fontset. I
> expected the new window to use the same font as the window that
> created it. Obviously this is not a critical bug but I believe it
> would be a nice enhancement to have new windows use the same font as
> the window that creates them. I would be happy to work on this if
> someone could direct me to the proper source file.

No need to work on it, it is not a bug at all but a documented feature
that you might have overlooked when reading the function's doc string:

,----[ C-h f set-default-font RET ]
| set-default-font is an alias for `set-frame-font' in `frame.el'.
| (set-default-font font-name &optional keep-size)
| Set the font of the selected frame to font-name.

That's the key phrase.  When your .emacs file is loaded, the selected
frame is the initial frame.

The way to affect all frames would be to set the default-frame-alist
variable (or an X resource).

| When called interactively, prompt for the name of the font to use.
| To get the frame's current default font, use `frame-parameters'.
| The default behavior is to keep the numbers of lines and columns in
| the frame, thus may change its pixel size.  If optional keep-size is
| non-nil (interactively, prefix argument) the current frame size (in
| pixels) is kept by adjusting the numbers of the lines and columns.
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